1 Kazam

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Written by Paul Glaser

Reviewed by Donny F. (age 11)

What would you do if a genie popped out of a boom box and said you had three wishes? What would you wish for: a mansion, a million dollars, or another three wishes? Not Max, for his first wish he wishes for junk food from the ground to the sky. Soon junk food rained down from the sky. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Kazam, the genie, can't grant wishes that interfere with life, such as bringing back the dead, or for another chance in life. This is because he is not a dingie, a free genie. It was the biggest disappointment in Max's life when Kazam told him this because he wanted his dad to have a second chance in life.

My favorite character is Max because he made Kazam get down on his knees to beg. Because at the beginning of this story Max thinks the whole wish thing is a big hoax, he does not make a wish. As a result, Kazam then gets on his knees and begs for Max to make a wish so he can go back into his boom box to rest.

I liked the pictures in the book because they were in color and very detailed. This book is not part of a series, but I wish it was so I could find out if Max's divorced parents get back together.

I recommend this book for third through fifth graders because some of the words are difficult. I don't think sixth graders would enjoy this fairy tale because it may not be as challenging for them. Read the book to find out if Kazam becomes a dinge and Max gets his wish.