1 The Relatives Came

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The Relatives Came

Written by Cynthia Rylant

Illustrated by Stephen Gammell

Reviewed by Megan O. (age 7) & Maggie S. (age 7)

The Relatives Came

Have your relatives ever visited you for a long time? This book is about relatives visiting. They come in a small car with lots of people inside. They think about their almost ripe purple grapes waiting for them back at their home. The relatives give so many hugs and kisses. The relatives laugh so much. They sleep on the edge of the bed. We enjoyed this book very, very much. It was halarious. When the relatives left the other relatives missed them very much. This reminds Maggie about her relatives. When her relatives come they eat all her food, and they always sleep on the couch or the floor. Maggie's favorfite line was, "Those relatives!" This book reminds Megan of one winter when her cousin came. She shared fun times with her cousin. Both of us like memory books. Ms. Rylant used beautiful language such as, "Then it was hugging time. Talk about hugging!"

If you like funny books you will like this one. If you enjoy Cynthia Rylant books you will like this one.