1 Amy's Story

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Amy's Story

Written by Susan Beth Pfefer

Illustrated by Marcey Ramsey

Reviewed by Alyssa C. (age 10)

Amy's Story

Imagine if you had three sisters - how annoying! Well Amy March does. Her preppy rich friend Katie is getting her picture taken. Amy wants her picture taken but doesn't have the money. So she visits her Aunt March but doesn't get the money. She went to Mr. Lawrence's house and sketches a picture and gets the money. When she came home that evening and her mother was crying because her father was going to war, but only if Mr. Lincoln needed him . Amy decides to get her mother's picture taken instead. So her mom gets her picture taken the next day. When they got there it was night, so the next day the photographer comes over. Amy and her three sisters Meg, Jo, and Beth got their picture for free. Find out if their dad goes to war by reading this book Amy's Story.

One of the characters reminded me of my cousin Samantha Kate, because she was just dying to buy a camera for a reunion with family. I've read lots of different books but nothing like this one. Its real life events made it not the same as other books. Amy's Story kind of retells my life because almost everything in it is like my life. I absolutely love this book.

I recommend this book because the author did a wonderful job of telling the story. I think people who like reading Little Women books or family books should read this book, especially if they need encouragement to share love, and care about family.