1 The Castle in the Attic

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The Castle in the Attic

Written by Elizabeth Winthrop

Reviewed by Craig C. (age 9)

The Castle in the Attic

Would it be fun shrink someone? In this story a boy named William gets a castle for his birthday. Mrs. Phillips, his baby sitter, is moving away! Before she moves William goes to play in his castle and finds a mysterious coin that can shrink people and then change them back to normal size. William plans to shrink Mrs. Phillips while she is at the bus stop. So the day comes and he shrinks her and puts her in his castle! When he puts her in the castle he finds a knight who can talk. A couple of days later he goes to the attic to see Mrs. Phillips and she won't show her face. So he asks the knight whets wrong and the knight told him that she doesn't want to see him. If you want to see her, shrink yourself says the knight. So William shrinks himself and Mrs. Phillips tells him that he has to go through a forest and defeat a bad guy. The knight says he will show him the way. When they are in the forest the knight gets lost. Does William make it out of the forest and defeat the bad guy? Read this book to find out.

My favorite part of the book was when they were in the forest because they got lost. I found Sir Simons unusual because he liked to eat mice. I liked this book because it was a big adventure.

I recommend this book because it was a big adventure. If you like the Borrowers you will like this book too.