1 Because of Winn-Dixie

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Because of Winn-Dixie

Written by Kate DiCamillo

Reviewed by Sara B. (age 9)

Because of Winn-Dixie

Opal went to the store and came back with a dog. Opal is new in town and is all alone because her dad is the preacher. The kids think she will tell the preacher every thing they do. One day she made a friend and his name is Winn Dixie. In the story Opal meets other friends like Miss Franny Block, the librarian, and Gloria Dump, which the Dewberry boys think is a witch. She also meets Otis and his annoying little bird, Gertrude. She starts working for him at Gertrude's Pet Shop. She also meets a girl named Sweety Pie Thomas. One day Miss Franny Block told Opal and Amanda a story about the bear she met and Litmus Lozenges. At the Opal has a party at Gloria Dumps house and Winn Dixie gets loss. How terrible. Read this book to out if Opal finds Winn Dixie

I thought this book was great. I like it because it showed me that dogs can be friends to people. Opal reminds me of myself when I moved to Indiana. Nobody wanted to be friends with the new girl that didn't talk a lot. This book is also like Shiloh because the boy had a friend that was a dog too. I liked this book and I hope you like it too.

I recommend this book because it's sad but yet funny. You would like this book if you have a dog or you are new in town.