1 The Adventures of Snail at School

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The Adventures of Snail at School

Written by John Stadler

Illustrated by John Stadler

Reviewed by Robby G. (age 7)

The Adventures of Snail at School

Snail goes to the library to get some books for his teacher. He stops to get a drink and there is a big flood. He has an adventure in the water. When he gets back the books are wet. Snail has another adventure on a fire extinguisher. Snail's last adventure is when he makes musical instruments run around the room.

I liked how Snail always has fun on adventures. I liked how the teacher always says, "Oh, never mind Snail." This book reminds me of another book that I like called "Fox at School" by James Marshall. Both of the books are about animals that have interesting adventures at school.

I recommend this book to kids that like to read chapter books about animals.