1 Ira Sleeps Over

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Ira Sleeps Over

Written by Bernard Waber

Illustrated by Bernard Waber

Reviewed by Corrine M. (age 8)

Ira Sleeps Over

This is a story about a little boy that wants to sleep at his friend's house. He wants to take his teddy bear to his friend's house, but his sister tells him that his friend will laugh at him. He doesn't know if he should bring his teddy bear or if he should leave it at home. His mother and father tell him to take it, but he is still afraid that his friend will laugh.

I liked this book because it reminded me that it is fun when you spend the night with your friends. My favorite part was when Ira and Reggie were playing together at Reggie's house. I liked how Ira and Reggie were such good friends and how they had so much fun together.

You should read this book to find out if Ira takes his teddy bear to his friend's house. If you like stories about friends having fun together you will like this book.