The Bestest Mom

Written by Susan Hood adapted from Rugrat tv series
Illustrated by Ed Resto

Reviewed by Benji L. (age 7)


Tommy and the twins try to find Chuckie a mother because he doesn't have one. Chuckie felt bad because it was Mother's Day so they tried a mannequin. But it did not work because when Chuckie hugged it, it felt cold. So they tried Spike, the dog, but he did not work either. They decided that it had to be a person. So maybe it could be Lil, one of the twins. Lil tried to be a good mom. It didn't work. Chuckie said she was a "badder" mom than Spike.

I like the book because I like the Rugrats. It makes a lot of sense because it has babies and a family in the book. At the end of the story there is something that makes me feel good.

I think other people should read this book because it's about moms. Whether kids have a mom or don't have a mom they should read this book.

Benji L. is a student in Mrs. O'Hanlon's 2nd Grade Class