1 Hedgie's Surprise

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Hedgie's Surprise

Written by Jan Brett

Reviewed by Ryanna H (age 4)

Hedgie's Surprise

Henny's eggs are taken everyday by the Tomten. Henny wants her own chicks. Hedgie makes a plan. She puts an acorn under Henny. The Tomten takes it and eats it. Then he gets a strawberry, a mushroom, and a potato. The Tomten gets hurt by grabbing Hedgie. He doesn't bother Henny anymore. Henny has five little baby chicks.

I like the book because of the baby chicks. My favorite part of the book was when Hedgie crumbled up like a ball and the Tomten got hurt. I like the picture when the Tomten said, "ouch!" and the picture of the baby chicks.