1 Ruby the Copycat

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Ruby the Copycat

Written by Peggy Rathmann

Illustrated by Peggy Rathmann

Reviewed by Terra O. (age 7)

Ruby the Copycat

In this book there is a girl named Ruby that is a new student at a school. She always copies a girl in her class named Angela. Angela wears a red bow and Ruby come to school the next day wearing a red bow. Ruby keeps copying everything that Angela wears. Ruby even copies the poem that Angela writes. Angela gets mad a Ruby. Ruby's teacher tells her to just be Ruby, but Ruby starts copying the teacher. Finally Ruby starts hopping around the room and everyone hops with her. At the end of the story Ruby and Angela are friends. I think the message in this book is that you should be yourself and not copy other people.

I liked this story because I like how Ruby and Angela got to be friends. This story shows how it's not good to be a copy cat. This book reminded me how I get mad when my twin sister copies me, but we always make up and become friends.

I recommend this book to girls that like to have fun with their friends.