1 Living Legend

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Living Legend

Written by Joanna Campbell

Reviewed by HLW (age 11)

The book Living Legend is a really great book. Living Legend is the thirty-ninth book of the Thoroughbred series written by Joanna Campbell. This book has 179 pages and was published by Harper Entertainment.

Living Legend is about a girl named Christina Reese who has a special bond with a horse named Star. Christina is Star's jockey but when she comes in fourth she gets really upset. She believes it is her fault that Star lost the race. Christina decides to quit being Star's jockey until she has more experience racing. Christina's mother, Ashleigh, tries to find a good jockey but Star will only ride well for Christina. When Ashleigh decides to be Star's jockey and wins, Christina is afraid her mother is a better jockey for Star. Has Christina lost her special bond with Star?

I really loved this book because it had a bunch of detail. I think this book was very interesting because there were little conflicts occurring when the big problem is happening. This book described the emotions of the characters very well. This made me feel like I was actually in the book. I felt like everything was really happening. This book keeps me reading for hours because at the end of each chapter they always put in suspense so that I want to know what happens next.

I recommend this book to horse lovers and people that have a special bond with an animal. This is because the book has horses in it and might tell you how to keep your bond with your animal.