1 The Best School Year Ever!

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The Best School Year Ever!

Written by Barbara Robinson

Illustrated by none

Reviewed by Adam H. (age 8)

The Best School Year Ever!

The crazy Herdmans are back! Their names are Imogene, Leroy, Ralph, Claude, Ollie, and Gladys. They got into a lot of trouble. They made kids do bad things and beat up kids up and adults didn't like them. Sixth grade students had to make compliments for the classmates, and Beth had to think up compliments for Imogene, and it was very hard for her to do.

I like this book a lot because it was very funny. My favorite part was when Gladys gets Eugene to smash his head on walnuts and they call him Hammerhead. I liked this because it made me laugh. My favorite character is Leroy. He tied a dead snake to a rope and scared the teacher and all the Kindergarten kids. Whenever the snake bit him, it killed the snake and not him. He did a lot of bad things but they were funny!

People should read this book because it is funny and exciting. I recommend that kids in third grade and up, but kids in second grade who can read very well could read it, too.