1 Shiverwood Academy: A Hairy Problem

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Shiverwood Academy: A Hairy Problem

Written by Lea Taddonio

Reviewed by Bria M. (age 8)

How about I start by telling you about this book? I like this because it's got a good setting. It takes place at Shiverwood Academy - it's a place where monsters like werewolves and vampires learn to be spooky and haunt but not all of them haunt. It is about a werewolf that messes around in his classes in Shiverwood Wood Academy. The principal takes him to the track where he sees the coolest werewolf in school. They become friends and he joins the track team. you'll just have to read a book and find out for yourself but in the meantime let's go to my reasons why I love love love this Book.

First here's a reason why I love love love this book! It has a great ending. The ending is great because it is kind and loving. For example It's kind because the end shows you that sometimes you make mistakes and you can fix them. That's why I think it is kind. I think it's loving because it shows you that you can be yourself even if people think you're the class cloud.

Secondly I love this book because it teaches you a good lesson. The lesson is that- you can be yourself. I like that lesson, don't you?

Lastly, I love this book's illustrations. They look so good-They look like they have life. For example, my favorite picture is when they go into the classroom. It really looks like a real classroom to me. It has a normal desk that is like our desk and a whiteboard just in black and purple .

My favorite part of the book is when he went to the principal's office and she said "if they think I'm a bad head then let's give them a show"-that's my favorite part of the book because it is funny.

I recommend this book to people who like a good lesson, mystery, and a little spook. So I recommend this book to people above 7 years old until about 18.

I bet you will like all those things and I bet you would like this book!!!!!!