1 Tyrone the Horrible

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Tyrone the Horrible

Written by Hans Willhelm

Reviewed by Jameka C. (age 10)

Tyrone the Horrible

Tyrone was a young creature that was a bully. He also picked on a little dinosauur named Boland. At the end the Boland made a sandwich so hot that Tyrone never picked on Boland again.

There are several lessons in this story. One of them is don't be a bully. I think the book is humorous. I like the book because when Tyrone was picking on Boland the little dinosaur was very intellgent and clever.

This remindes me of my life because when I was in first grade a girl named Tai was bulling me and my best friend Annette.

I recommend this book because this book is humorous. Children all around the world will enjoy it as well as I have. My favorite part is when Boland tried to be nice to Tyrone and he got mad.