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Nerdy Birdy Tweets

Written by Aaron Reynolds

Illustrated by Matt Davies

Reviewed by Ryan A. (age 10) & Jack P. (age 9)

This book is about a bird named Nerdy Birdy and his best friend Vulture. They like to make fun of each other’s lunches, make silly faces and take goofy pictures of each other. Nerdy Birdy likes video games and Vulture likes eating dead stuff. Nerdy Birdy discovers a new app called Tweetster where you can chat with friends and make new friends and play video games with them. Vulture doesn’t like video games and Nerdy Birdie gets more and more friends as time goes on. Vulture feels jealous that Nerdy Birdy isn’t paying attention to him so he flies away. Eventually, Vulture decides to get Tweetster so they can Tweet together. Nerdie Birdy posts a picture of Vulture and says something mean with the picture. Vulture gets upset and flies away. Read the book to find out what happens next.

We think the lesson is that you shouldn’t do social media too much because you can end up hurting someone who is your friend. We love Nerdie Birdy Tweets because it is a good story. It’s funny because Nerdie Birdy isn’t listening to what Vulture is saying because he’s too busy on his on his phone. We think it’s funny because they call it Tweetster, which is kind of like Twitter and it’s also funny because birds tweet.

We think someone who is addicted to screens and has had trouble with a friend because of their screens should read this book. Also, anyone who likes funny books would like this book.

Ryan A. and Jack P.
are students in
Westport Book Club