1 Millie Fierce

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Millie Fierce

Written by Jane Manning

Illustrated by Jane Manning

Reviewed by Michael B. (age 9), Sebastian E. (age 10) & Pell S. (age 10)

Millie Fierce

A girl named Millie was once a very quiet girl. She felt she was never noticed. She walked into the room and no one even looked at her. One day, she was drawing a picture of a very nice flower. It was her best flower ever. Three girls stepped on it and the picture got smudged and it made her change. She became Millie Fierce. She started being irritating to everybody. She takes her Grandpa’s boots and stomps all over with them. She painted the dog's face blue and she took a piece of cake from the birthday boy at school. She acted fierce because she wanted attention and to be noticed. Read the rest to find out if she changes.

We think this book is okay because it’s not realistic. It’s not likely to happen in real life that you would go from being very quiet to rageful. This book reminds me (Pell) of myself because in 1st grade I was completely silent and never noticed and now I’m the class clown. The lesson in this book is that you always have a second chance to be nice. Another lesson is don’t seek negative attention because people will not like you.

We recommend this book to Kindergarten to 3rd graders because some kids have a hard time learning about positive and negative attention and this is a fun way to learn about it.