1 Who Would Win: Alligator vs. Python

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Who Would Win: Alligator vs. Python

Written by Rob Bolster

Illustrated by Jay Pallotta

Reviewed by Roland G. (age 7)

Who Would Win: Alligator vs. Python

What would happen if an alligator had a fight with a python? Find out in, Who Would Win? Alligator versus Python, by Jerry Pallotta.

Imagine if one day, an alligator and a python met and they were both hungry. An alligator’s jaw has the bite strength to equal 2,000 pounds! Burmes pythons have about 4,000 muscles in their bodies. When these two top predators meet, who do you think will win?

In my opinion, this was a great book. I liked the facts because I learned a lot about both of the animals. I learned a lot about their difference in size. I liked the pictures because they give you a realistic idea what the animals look like. I like that you get to guess who would win before the end of the book.

I recommend this book to people that like to know the truth and who like nonfiction. I also recommend it to people who like animals.

I give this book a four star rating!