1 Here's Lily

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Here's Lily

Written by Nancy Rue

Reviewed by Rebekah V. (age 11)

"Leo, don't let it touch you man! It'll burn your skin off!" Shad Shifferdecker grabbed his friend's arm and yanked him away from the water fountain, just as Lily Robbins leaned over to take a drink. In the book Here's Lily, a girl named Lilianna always gets teased,especially by a boy named Shad. Shad teases Lily about her red poofy hair and a lot of other things. After a terrible accident,Lily finds out that it doesn't matter what people think about her.

I think this is an excellent book because Lily has a tough life, but always seems to get through her troubles. This is encouraging for me because I have hard times too. In the story, Lily changes from caring about what she looks like to not caring at all because she realizes other things are more important.This book is part of the Lily Series. The other book in the series is called Lily Robbins M.D.(Medical Dabber). In both books Lily tries to find something that she's interested in that she does well, so she will no longer be teased.

I recommend this book to girls ages ten through tweleve because the character Lily has a lot in common with girls this age. I like this book a lot, and I think you will too.