1 Red's Planet

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Red's Planet

Written by Eddie Pittman

Illustrated by Eddie Pittman

Reviewed by Kate Z. (age 8)

Red's Planet

Do you like space? Do you think aliens are real? In the beginning of this book, there is a girl named Red who is funny and selfish. Red is trying travel across the state that she lives in, but the police always take her back to the orphanage. Will she find a new planet? Read this book to find out what else happens!

In my opinion, this book is extra funny! Red doesn’t like anyone but herself. Red jokes around a lot with some of the aliens. The illustrations in this book are creative. The colors and details make the illustrations interesting to look at. I think you will enjoy looking at the pictures.

I recommend this book to children who like graphic novels. A graphic novel is kind of like a comic.

I rate this book 3 ½ stars out of five stars.