1 Galaxy Zack Journey to Juno

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Galaxy Zack Journey to Juno

Written by Ray ORyan

Illustrated by Colin Zack

Reviewed by Sophia P. (age 8)

Galaxy Zack Journey to Juno

I have mixed opinions about Galaxy Zack Journey to Juno, because on one hand I like the book and on the other hand I don't like the book. I like the book because it talks with detail about the characters. An example is when the author says, “Why does Seth have to do stuff like that? Why does he have to call me name like that?” This made me realize that he is very inquisitive. This help me get to know the character Zack.

I dislike the book because it is not a challenging book and it does not use juicy words. For example, it says in the book, “He stepped into a cave and found pieces of old pottery.” But the author could have written it this way: “He stepped into a dark cave with little pieces of old pottery scattered around.” I feel like that second sentence has a little bit more detail. I feel my FAVORITE part of the book was when Zack found a green crystal. When he explained how the crystal felt really warm, I felt like I was there!! He said “ Zack picked up the green crystal. Unlike the others, this one was warm. That sentence just made me feel like I'm holding the a warm crystal.

I think that the book is right for you if you are looking for an adventure. This book is right for you but if you are looking for a challenging book I do not think this book is for you. I recommend this book to a person who likes to explore space and likes to wander into different planets this book is for you.