1 James and the Giant Peach

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James and the Giant Peach

Written by Roald Dahl

Illustrated by Quinton Blake

Reviewed by Zander L. (age 8)

Have you ever wanted to grow a giant peach? what if you could? In the book James and the Giant Peach, James gets magic seeds and grows a giant peach. James had lived with his bad mean aunts but now he can escape with the peach. Inside the peach, James finds giant bugs. He thinks they are going to eat him but the bugs help him. Then the peach rolled over and down the hill to the ocean. James and the bugs are traveling to America. On the way, they face sharks and other scary things.

One reason I liked this book is it taught a good lesson. It taught me about family. The book showed that a family is the people who take care of you. James real family is the bugs because they help him and love him. I also liked how this book was funny. The earthworm was really funny because of how he reacted to everything. It was great as well because it was a page-turner. You really want to know what will happen next so you can't stop reading.

I recommend this book to whoever likes adventure books. I also think you will like this book if you like nature and bugs. This is a great and awesome book and I think everyone should read it. When my teacher read it to me I was so excited and wanted her to never stop reading.