1 the Fantastic Frame

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the Fantastic Frame

Written by Lin Oliver

Illustrated by Samantha Kallis

Reviewed by Adrienne G. (age 7)

Have you ever wanted to go inside a picture? Then The Fantastic Frame is the book for you. A 13-year-old boy gets swallowed up by a picture with a friend. Tyler had just moved in with his family. When Tyler was trying to get jammed remotes for his helicopter toy out from between his bed out of nowhere the radio started to control the helicopter and it went out the window. It went into Viola Dots yard. Tyler was scared of her. So he got a chair to look for his helicopter. When he went to go look for his helicopter he saw a pig with his helicopter. Then he met a girl named Moon. They went inside to look in the house. Then they saw Viola and talked until they got sucked up into a picture of a tiger! Will they get eaten alive? You will find out.

One reason you may like this book is that there is teamwork in this book. When they get sucked in they have to work together to get out alive. Another reason you may like this book is because of the pictures. The pictures were really detailed ad they make it look like it might be real. The last reason this is a great book is because of the detailed descriptive words. The author describes things so well that you feel like your in the book to.

If you like adventurous books then you will love this book. This book is great for people who love to read fantasy and mystery books. If you liked the Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe you would like this book because they both have kids traveling through portals. I think this is a great book for everyone so you need to read it now.