1 Owl Diaries

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Owl Diaries

Written by Rebecca Elliot

Reviewed by Roxanna F. (age 8)

Owl Diaries

Do you like talking owls? Well in Owl Diaries-Evas Treetop Festival all kinds of owls talk and all the owls are so so friendly and also great friends to be with. This book was about an owl named Eva. She has lots of sleep over and lots of parties and all of her friends come and sleep over. it's not all happy though. Eva is being bullied by another owl at school. Eva has an enemy. Sometimes they get together and they smile but sometimes they start fighting and then Eva gets mad. You are going to have to read to see if Eva stops getting bullied and has a super party.

One reason this good book is because of all of the creative pictures. They are just so beautiful with all the bright colors and cute details. Another reason it is a great book is because all the characters are owls. Owls are awesome because they sleep in the day time and they stay awake in the night time and they have wings so theycan fly. Now you know why I love owls so much and are you interested in owl now too! There is another reason why is it a great book that is because of the character Eva. She is so creative and she never gives up that's what I really liked about her.

If you like parties and you have best friends this book is for you. Also if you like cute books and books about animals you should read this. I think you will really love this book because of all the creative characters, and surprises in the book. This was a awesome book that everyone should read!