1 Little House on the Prairie

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Little House on the Prairie

Written by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Illustrated by Garth Williams

Reviewed by Kaylin O. (age 8)

Little House on the Prairie

Imagine going out west in a wagon for days and days until you finally arrive at your new spot to build your house. In Little House on The Praire Mary and Lura and their family do just that. They leave there house in the woods and they go west in a wagon and build a new house on the prairie. They face challenges like a fire and sickness. They also have problems like jack their dog is about to be shot by an Indian one day and Indians rob there house. There is so much action in this book, you won't believe it all!

One Reason this is you a great book is it teaches you lots of things about living out west. It teaches how to build a wagon top, a house, beds, and a well. It also teaches a lot about food long ago. Food back then was meat, fruit, and veggies. I liked seeing what people ate back then. It is also a cool book because it's really rare to find a book that is a chapter book based on a real story. It was fascinating to know this really happened to someone.

If you like Charlottes Web and the book Mr. Popers Penguins you will like this book because they are all long chapter books and are like real life. Also if you like Indians you will love this book. You will learn about Indians and the west while reading it. I really recommend that you go to the closest library right away and get Little House on the Prairie.