1 The Bad Guys Guide to Being Good

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The Bad Guys Guide to Being Good

Written by Aaron Blabey

Reviewed by Maxwell S. (age 8)

The Bad Guys Guide to Being Good

Do you want to be a great boy or girl? Then you should go to the Libary and find The Bad Guys. Its a guide to being great! You're going to be shocked when you see them though. Its a shark, a wolf, a snake, and a pariah. They seem scary and bad but they are really heroes. In the book, They are trying to be good and teach you and their new friend, the spider, how to be a hero. An evil doctor hamster and other bad guys keep trying to stop them. Will they stop the evil doctor and teach him to be good too or will they just end up being bad again? You will have to read to find out.

One reason I like this book is that its funny. It is funny when zombie cat bits the wolfs arm and he said “ahhhhhh” . It is also funny when the cat scratches them and gets out of the tree. Another reason I like this book I like the wolfs character. He is very kind and nice it's also a great book because the piranha speaks in Spanish. I thought it was really cool because I got to learn Spanish.

If you like manners books then you will love this book. I also recommend this book to people who like graphic novels because it’s a graphic novel. You will like this book if you like manners or graphic novels. This book is very a great book and you should read it