1 Polar Bears Past Bedtime

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Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Written by Mary Pope Osborn

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Yahaira F. (age 8)

Have you ever imagine that you had a treehouse and could talk to animals! In Jack and Annie's magic treehouse there are a lot of books. You point at one and it takes you there! One day it was night and Jack and Annie were sleeping. Jacks window was open. An owl was on a tree next door to Jacks bedroom and the owl was whooting. When Jack woke up he got scared because of the owl and he got more scared so he went to his sister Annie’s bedroom. Jack told his sister Annie everything so they went in Jacks bedroom and Annie said the owl wanted them to follow him. The owl took them to the treehouse where they got sent, using one of the books, to the north pole! At the North Pole, they see polar bears and met people who live there. There are also scary wolves and its so cold!

One reason it is a great book is because Annie can talk to animals. I wish I could talk to animals too. It would be amazing to know what they're thinking just like Annie can. The second reason it is a great book is because it teaches lessons. It teaches to be nice to your siblings. Jack and Annie are nice to each other and that helps them to do stuff right. it is also a great book because of all the things you learn about animals. You learn about owls, seals, wolves, and polar bears.

I recommend this book if you like stories about animals or people helping animals. If you also love other Magic Tree House books you must read Poler Bear Past Bed Time. This book was an amazing book about kindness and saving the animals and everyone should read it.