1 Toy Academy

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Toy Academy

Written by Brian Lynch

Illustrated by Edwardian Taylor

Reviewed by Eli S. (age 7)

What if you were a cute cuddly stuffed toy and your one day your owner threw you into the trash with a horrible note! That's what happens to Grumblut in Toy Academy. Once he got out of the trash Grumblut was on a quest to find a kid for himself. When he got out of the trash he got attacked by a cat. He meets a transformer that transforms into a bus and tacks him and spiro, another toy, to Toy Academy.Toy Academy is an academy for toys and you would have to graduate to go to a home where a kid will play with you and if were a toy that's very important.

One reason I like this book is there's a mystery in it. In the book, you kept wondering who stole commander hedgehog’s arm that unlocks half the secret things in the academy. This made the book a page turner! Another reason I like it was the characters because they seem cool and fun. I would like to have them as friends. It is also really great because it's an adventure book. The whole book is one big adventure. That made this book a big page-turner.

I recommend this book to people who like chapter books and stories about miniature worlds. If you like Battle Bug’s you should read this book because it is a miniature world too. If you like Toy Story you should read this book. This book is great!