1 Pink and Say

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Pink and Say

Written by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Luna W. (age 8)

Pink and Say

What if one day you had to go to war but you were just a teenager! Say was just a teenager when he went to fight in the Civil War. He got shot in the leg and he thinks he’s going to die but another teenager named Pink gives him water and takes him to his house. Pink and Say become friends even though they are different because they have different skin tones. But Pink and Say are in danger because they ran away from the army. Is the army going to find them?

One reason it is a good book is that it teaches about being brave. In it the boys are brave because they ran away from the army and that’s against the law but they don’t stop helping people. Another reason it is a good book is because even though they are different they still are friends. They're different because their skin is different but they don’t care. I like this book because it teaches you to help others no matter what even if it puts you in danger.

If you like the book Thunder Cake by the same author you will like this book. Because Thunder Cake teaches a lesson like this book. They both teach about bravery. If you love Patricia Polacco’s books you will love this one because it's one of her best books. I think you should get it now because it is a great book.