1 Bunnicula

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Written by Deborah and James Howe

Illustrated by Alan Danieil

Reviewed by Maxwell S. (age 8)


Do you like vampires and bunnies? Well, imagine if bunnies could be vampires. Get ready to meet Bunnicula. Chester, the cat, and Harold, the dog, think that their family's new bunny, Bunnicula, turns vegetables white! They think he is a vampire who sucks vegetable blood and maybe even he sucks people’s blood! Chester and Harold try to help out and save themselves and their family. Will Chester find out is Bunnicula really a vampire rabbit? Will they stop Bunnicula from hurting people?

One reason I liked this book is because it is very funny. It hilarious when Bunnicula jumped in the salad. It made me roar with laughter when the time when Chester took Harold's dinner. I also like the book because Bunnicula is a nice little bunny even though he's a vampire. It was also cool how the book was filled with lots of cool things about vampires.

If you like vampires, and bunnies then you will like this book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes Goosebumps books or other scary books. You should go to the library and find this book and you will enjoy it as much as me.