1 Cleopatra in Space

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Cleopatra in Space

Written by Mike Maihack

Illustrated by Mike Maihack

Reviewed by Abbie W. (age 8)

Cleopatra in Space

Have you ever wondered if that you could go to the future and space? Well in Cleopatra in space Cleo starts as a queen in ancient Egypt that gets to go to the future in an exciting adventure! Cleo is a queen in the normal world but suddenly one day her life changes when she teleports to a different world. Cleo is in the future and space. Cleo goes to some kind of space school to learn to fight so she can go on a quest. Along the way, she meets lots of new friends like cats and other humans. the cats talk! But could Cleo face serious danger? Will she survive and complete the quest.

One reason you should read this book is that it is a graphic novel and this means it is great and wonderful illustrations. I like getting to see the book instead of just having to imagine inside my head. I also liked that sometimes graphic novels are funny and this one is one of them! It was funny when they were fighting a lot. Also one of the cats looked a lot like Cleo's cat at home and its funny because Cleo gets them mixed up!

If you like graphic novels like Phoebe and her Unicorn or Dogman you will like this book. I chose these because they're both graphic novels. I love the book because all the characters are really funny! I recommend this book to people who love cats, funny books and Space!