1 Charlotte's Web

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Charlotte's Web

Written by E.B. White

Illustrated by Garth Williams

Reviewed by Zander L. (age 8)

Have you ever wanted to talk to animals? Well, imagine a world where you can, a world where all animals can talk. That's Charlotte and Wilbur's wold! In the book, Charlotte is a spider and Wilbur is a pig. One day Wilbur goes to a farm where he meets Charlotte. In the book, Wilbur Thinks he is going to die But Charlotte decides to help Wilbur with her web. Charlotte helps by making Words about Wilbur in her web. Will Wilbur will survive, Will the web help?

One reason I like this book is that it is very creative. It was very creative that it has talking animals. The other reason I like this book is that it is funny. It was funny because of Wilbur. When Wilbur panics, dances, and just acts wired it's hilarious! I also really liked how the pictures are really realistic. It helped me to imagine what everything looked like, especially the writing Charlotte puts in her web.

I recommend this to whoever likes animals because they will love Wilbur and Charlotte. You should also read this book if you like nature. It describes a lot of nature on the farm and the seasons. This book is awesome and everyone should read. When my teacher read it to me My head exploded from how exciting it was!