1 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Written by C.S. Lewis

Illustrated by Pauline Baynes

Reviewed by Adrienne G. (age 7)

Have you ever wanted to be on an adventure? Then this is a good book for you. Lucy had always wanted to go on an adventure. One day Lucy had been playing hide and seek with her sister and brothers. She hid in a wardrobe and when she went to the very back she saw something beautiful. it was Narnia, a magical land! she comes back and takes her sisters and brothers to Narnia. And they find out about a lion that's a king. But there's a witch that wants to kill them and take over Narnia!

This is a great book because it shows braveness, like how Peter fought a wolf because Susan was in danger, and how Lucy was the littlest but was the bravest. It also teaches that just because you are little doesn't mean you can't be brave. Another reason it is a good book is because it teaches about kindness, like how the king sacrificed his life for Edmund even though Edmund had done something bad. It is also a good book because it was funny sometimes. It was very funny when the children fought and teased each other.

If you like fantasy and fairytales then you will love this book. This book was full of magic things like witches, talking animals, and magical worlds. It was a lot like a fairytale. You should read this book if you have a great imagination and like to imagine crazy things. If you want this book I suggest you go to the library and get it right away, you won't be sorry.