1 Miss Child Has Gone Wild

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Miss Child Has Gone Wild

Written by Dan Gutman

Illustrated by jim paillot

Reviewed by Rachaell P (age 8)

Miss Child Has Gone Wild

A class wins a contest and gets to go on a field trip to the zoo! Weird things happen and one of the classmates goes missing! While looking for the student the zoo keeper walks into a lion cage! Read this book to find out what happened to the zoo keeper!

The genre is realistic fiction. I like this book because it was hilarious! My favorite part was when the elephant created a master piece! That was funny. This book is similar to the other books in the series because they are all very funny! This book is different because it has animals in it that have awesome talents!

I recommend this book for grades 3-5 because it has challenging words. If you like funny books you’ll love this book. The students are funny and the places they go are awesome! If you like realistic fiction you should get the book. There are 105 pages. GET THE BOOK NOW!!!