1 Ramona The Brave

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Ramona The Brave

Written by Beverly Cleary

Illustrated by Alan Tiegreen

Reviewed by Jenna M (age 9)

Ramona The Brave

This awesome realistic fiction book is about a girl named Ramona. Ramona is fussy and sometimes brave. Ramona got a brand new room to herself! She always thinks there is a monster in her room creeping under her bed. One day on the way to school she took a shortcut there. Then she spots a dog creeping along the sidewalk. Will Ramona make to school? You will find out when you read this book.

I think this book is an awesome book. I enjoyed this book so much because it is humorous. I love funny books so much I can read it all day if I wanted to! My favorite part is when Ramona stood up for her sister Beezus. The boys in Beezus’ grade were laughing and calling her names. I liked this part because one day I stood up for my friend. In my book there were some illustrations. The illustrations were black and white and they were drawn in pencil. I liked the illustrations!

I recommend this book to grades 3 through 4 because there are 190 pages and there is a lot of strong vocabulary words. A person that likes humorous things would like to read this story. This story might interest someone because of the genre.