1 Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

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Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

Written by Marc Cerasini

Reviewed by Kathryn T. (age 10)

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

Jimmy Neutron is a boy genius. Jimmy Neutron is a genius because he can make things that normal kids cannot make. Jimmy has many friends, and one special pet dog named Goddard. Jimmy goes up into space at the beginning of the story so he can try to talk to aliens with his homemade radar. The Yokien aliens contact Jimmy on radar from their so called chicken shaped space ship. Jimmy shows the aliens what earth and his parents look like. Little does Jimmy know that the aliens are very hungry and his parents look mighty tasty .If you want to find out what happens to Jimmy's parents you have to read the book!

The book Jimmy Neutron was great! I thought it was great because it had a lot of little kids sticking up for their parents and for themselves. The character that's most like me is probably Cindy. Cindy is always being mean to Jimmy and that is like me, because I'm mean to my brother. I do not think this is like any other book I've read before except for Harry Potter, which is also a movie and has a book to go along with it. Actually the book was kind of like my life, because when Jimmy stands up for what's good over bad that's like me with my brother.

I highly recommend this book to all ages. I recommend this book because I think it is interesting. Everyone that reads this book will probably think very highly of it. I think anyone that likes silly, cute; funny books would love to read Jimmy Neutron.