1 The Good Egg

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The Good Egg

Written by Jory John

Reviewed by Sebastian E. (age 9), Jack P. (age 8), Ryan A. (age 9) & Hudson B. (age 9)

The Good Egg

This book is about an egg that was very good like he saves cats from trees, he helps carry groceries for old people, he paints houses, and waters your plants. The other eggs that he lives with are not always on their best behavior. This a problem because they do bad things like they break their own stuff, they eat sugary cereals, and they throw temper tantrums. At the end of the day, he feels very exhausted and tired and he CRACKS!!! He cracks because he has too much pressure on him trying to make the other eggs be good eggs.

He decides to leave and he thinks about himself. He reads books, writes in his journal, and does yoga. This makes him more calm and it gives him time to do his own thing and think about what he wants to do in the future. Eventually, he makes a big decision. He decides to go back to his egg friends at the farmers market. Will his friends behave? Will he crack again? Read the book to find out.

The lesson in this book is you don’t have to be perfect to be a good person. Also, it’s hard to change people.

We loved this book because it’s like the Bad Seed that was written by the same authors. In the Bad Seed, no one wanted to be around the Bad Seed and in the Good Egg he didn’t want to be around the other eggs.

In this book there are really funny plays on words like there is an illustration of a book with the title “Great Eggspectation” and “Dreggula”. Also, the good egg said, “...my head felt scrambled”. We liked it because the names of the eggs were cool and funny, like Meg, Peg, Gregg and Cleg, Shel, Shelly, Sheldon and Shelby and Eggbert. Frank and Other Frank.

We liked the illustrations because they were funny like when he painted a tree, and when an egg was going to hammer another egg.

We recommend this book to kids in kindergarten though 6th grade because it is very nice and funny and makes us feel happy. Also, there’s a huge lesson in this book.

This book is EGG-CELLENT!