1 The Trojan War

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The Trojan War

Written by Olivia Coolidge

Reviewed by Max F. (age 11)

The Trojan War

The war was started when Discord threw the golden apple. Paris stole Menelaus' wife, Helen. Paris shot Achilles' heel. The Greeks attacked Troy in a giant horse.

I really liked the book because a lot of the time in school books it's something boring but in the Trojan War there is fighting a lot of the time. My favorite part is when Achilles attacks and then Paris shot him in his ankle. I thought Achilles was interesting because he hid as a princess but then became a killing machine. I also thought Philoctetes was interesting because he was stuck on an island and lived. I think my friend Andrew is like Dolon because they are both untrustworthy. Achilles changed from being a princess in disguise to be a killing machine. I think the Trojan horse is special because they built a big horse to into Troy than attacked it. This is not like any other book I read because I haven't read anything in ancient times.

I think the book is great. I recommend this book to people that like battles in ancient times.