1 Lucky Broken Girl

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Lucky Broken Girl

Written by Ruth Behar

Reviewed by Jadyn M (age 11)

Lucky Broken Girl

The book is about a girl named Ruthie Mizrahi. She had lived in Cuba but she moved to New York, because Cuba would do terrible things to the Jewish. Soon after her Papa bought himself a family car after working hard. After driving home with the family they get into a accident leaving fatalities and Ruthie in a full body cast. She gives up on hope. The only thing that makes her happy is her neighbor. After a tragedy her friend had to leave. Now she just lays in her bed all day. But an unexpected new neighbor shows up cheering up Ruthie. She would soon be out of her cast but know has to learn how to walk all over again. The lesson in the book was that just when you think nothing can get worse it will get better over time just believe.

I thought the book was was definitely sad, because a lot of people die and there is sad parts. I loved though, because it has a good lesson and I could relate to Ruthie. I also liked, because they're very funny parts in the book. Ruthie changes a lot she becomes very happy joyful person but when she got into the accident she is a depressed no personality but when she starts to walk she becomes very happy again.This is nothing like a book a read, because this book is more about real life and serious issues.

I recommend this book, because it's very inspiring, and it has ups and downs. The audience that would probably like this book that get touched very easily and love sad but happy endings type of books. I think the interesting thing in the book is Ruthie, because she goes through a lot.