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Spy Camp

Written by Stuart Gibbs

Reviewed by Ronnie W (age 10)

Spy Camp is about a kid who goes to a CIA school to become a secret agent. Along the way, he makes a new enemy called SPYDER, an evil organization dedicated to destroying our main character (Ben). Ben apparently knows secret encryptions and codes according to the CIA. When he goes to his actual spy camp, he meets his new counselor which I forgot the name of. When Ben learns that SPYDER is tracking him, he goes on an escape trip. Along the way, SPYDER finds him and launches missiles at the school bus he is on. He narrowly escapes with his life but gets stranded by a river. Will Ben, a pretty girl and spy Erica, and her dad, Alexander Hale survive? Maybe, maybe not.

I like Spy Camp because it has lots of action and adventure and some classic middle school crushing on people.

I recommend this book to people ages 10 and up or 8 and up that are very mature because there is inappropriate content and dialogue. But I still like it because I there is double crossing and deception😐 ooh.

P.S. In the entire Spy Camp series, there is some foul language.