1 The Kicks, Saving the Team

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The Kicks, Saving the Team

Written by Alex Morgan

Illustrated by Franco

Reviewed by Cathleen G. (age 9)

The Kicks, Saving the Team

Imagine you moved. You loved soccer so much but you were afraid you would not make the team. Well this was how Devin Burke felt. On the first day of her new school, she thought she was not going to make any friends. She missed her best friend Kara back in Connecticut. But then she met her matches. Jessi, Emma, Zoe and Frida all make the soccer team with her. Her dreams come true! Until the Panthers start winning. Will the Kicks stay underdogs, or will Devin save the team?

I like this series of books because I can picture them in my mind. They are written realistically and I enjoy them. I feel like I am there with Devin. Devin and I connect with each other. We both love soccer and have great friends who support us! I was also super excited when I started this book because I love soccer myself, and I am told I am good in my position of striker and that is Devin’s position too. It got super exciting when Marabelle transferred to the Panthers, because now I was hoping for the Panthers to become a really good soccer team with Marabelle joining it. If I were to give this book a rating 1-5 I would give it a 5 at the top of my list.

I would recommend this book to people who love soccer and have really strong friendships! In the book I found some very good passages that explained to me things about kids and friendships, such as, sticking together when things are not going right for a friend or teammate.