1 My Life as a Gamer

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My Life as a Gamer

Written by S. Schade J. Buller

Illustrated by Jake Tashjian

Reviewed by Timmy G. (age 8)

My Life as a Gamer

Do you sometimes feel like you have too many things to do? Well that’s Derek’s life. Derek is a kid who flunks all his tests but loves video games.Derek has a pet monkey named Frank and a pet dog named Bodi.His love for video games has gotten him in a focus group for a new video game.At the focus group his friend Carly made friends with El Sid, the best video game player in the world.Find out what happens next in My Life as a Gamer.

I can connect to ‘My life as a gamer’ because I play a lot of video games. My favorite characters are Derek, Mat, and Derek's dad. I always like to see how Derek gets in trouble next and how he and his friends try to fix it.

I recommend this book to anyone 8-10 who likes funny and interesting books. It is funny and surprising. The funniest part was when Frank runs down the street at midnight. I think children this age can connect to the main character Derek because most kids have to juggle a lot of activities too.