1 Clementine

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Written by Sara Pennypacker

Illustrated by Marla Frazee

Reviewed by Samantha C. (age 8)


Clementine is a crazy girl who has a crazy personality. She has lots of friends and family.Read this book to find out her crazy adventure! One day in class, Clementine´s teacher said,¨Next week 3rd and 4th grade will be hosting a talent show!¨ Clementine did not like that idea because she did not have a talent. At journal time, Clementine wrote something super secret in her journal and put her hand over it because that always got a teacher's attention. Her teacher came over.¨You´re moving to Egypt?¨He said. She squeezed in might.¨You might¨,he said.Y...y..ya.For my dad´s work.After school, she went to her best friend's apartment room, Margret, because she had lots of talents. Will Clementine find one just right or will she not have a talent!

I enjoyed this book. My favorite character is Clementine because she is crazy! I can relate to her because she is always coming up with crazy ideas and so am I. I think funny books are my favorite when they keep you reading. In this book something funny happens at each paragraph and that keeps you reading! Lastly, my favorite part is when she shows her teacher she is moving to Egypt because it was funny!

I recommend this book for 6-10 year olds. Mostly because 6-10 year olds should have the freedom to come up with some silly or crazy ideas and be comfortable with that