1 Melvin Beederman

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Melvin Beederman

Written by Greg Trine

Reviewed by Marco C. (age 9)

Melvin Beederman

Melvin is a superhero who lives in a tree house.He has a partner named Candace. They’re doing a terrific job as official superheroes of Los Angeles. Crime is at an all time low but not for long. The McNasty brothers have escaped from prison, and they want revenge! The superheros need all they’re power. At the moment, two women were tunneling under a prison. They had shovels and flashlights. And two prisoners crawled through and captured Melvin And Candace. Will they escape?

I Really enjoyed this book. I am obsessed with super powers and the super powers are versed against each other throughout the book. There is a lot of action too to keep me interested. My favorite part of the book is when they fight crime and stop villains and they look for them and fly around the city and the town.

I recommend this book to 3rd graders through 5th graders and will rate this book a 55. The book is interesting for these ages because kids like action!