1 Lulu and the Dog from the Sea

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Lulu and the Dog from the Sea

Written by Hilary McKay

Illustrated by Priscilla Lamont

Reviewed by Anazoly A. (age 8)

Lulu and the Dog from the Sea

Have you ever had a pet? The book Lulu and the Dog from the Sea written by Hilary McKay is about a girl who finds a stray dog at the beach. In the beginning, Lulu and her cousin Melli go to a cottage by the sea with their families. At the cottage they get a tour and see a stray dog. A lady warns them them to stay away from the dog and cover their trash. Later, Lulu and Melli fall in a hole. The “Dog from the Sea” saves the girls and the dog becomes a hero! In the end, the girls go home. You’ll have to read this book to see if Lulu takes the dog who saved her home.

I strongly believe that Lulu and the Dog from the Sea by Hilary McKay is an awesome book! First of all, the characters Lulu and Melli are accepting of one another. For example, even when Melli is busy cleaning, Lulu understands and goes off to draw. Furthermore, the book teaches about kindness towards animals. For instance, there was a stray and hungry dog at the beach and Lulu snuck out to feed him from the trash can. Equally important, the family doesn’t let the little things get them down. For example, there were no supplies in the cottage where they were staying for vacation. They just went to the store to get some without complaining. To sum it up, Lulu and the Dog from the Sea is a wonderful book. Woof! Woof!

If you like taking care of pets then you should read Lulu and the Dog from the Sea. Do you like dogs, vacations, and the beach? I give this book five stars because it teaches you about being kind to pets. I recommend this book because it is suspenseful and exciting. I highly suggest you read this book even if you get sand in your paws!