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House of Robots

Written by James Patterson

Reviewed by Dario M. (age 8)

House of Robots

Have you ever read House of Robots? House of Robots is about a boy named Sammy. His mom is a technician. One day she creates a robot named E that turns out to be a nightmare! Next something even worse happens E decides to come to school with Sammy. Now it was a even worse than a nightmare. Sammy had to decide otherwise he was in trouble and school started in two weeks.

When Sammy started begging his mom for E to stay home it relates to me because if I was in that embarrassing situation I would want E to stay home because it was very nerve racking when he always asked these silly questions in school. I can relate to this book because I enjoy football and in this story they sometimes talk about football. Finally, the lesson that I learned from this magnificent book is worst enemies can become best friends.

I would recommend this book to 3rd and 4th graders because it is very funny but kind of long. So if you want to buy this outstanding book run to the bookstore and purchase it.