1 The Bad Seed

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The Bad Seed

Written by Jory John

Illustrated by Pete Oswald

Reviewed by Jack P. (age 7) & Sebastian E. (age 8)

The Bad Seed

When this seed walked by, everyone was frightened because he did everything bad. He cut in line, he talked in the movie theater, he lied about pointless stuff and he never washed his hands or feet. He wasn’t always bad. At first he was in a sunflower with his family but he fell out and he was put in a bag of sunflower seeds and someone almost ate him and spit him out. He landed on gum under the bleachers and became a bad seed. One day, he decided to be good. He still did some bad things but he said please and thank you and smiled and held the door for people… well sometimes. Read the book to find out what happens.

We liked this book because we liked how he was cranky and everyone was scared of him. We liked the part when he turned good because he made a big twist – everyone thought he was bad but he actually wanted to be good.

Don’t judge someone that they are always going to be bad because they can change.

We recommend this book to kids in 1st grade to 8th grade because in every grade when you are mad you can't be mad your whole life because no one will want to be around you and you can decide to be good.