1 Lulu Walks the Dogs

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Lulu Walks the Dogs

Written by Judith Viorst

Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewed by Shiloh C. (age 8)

Lulu Walks the Dogs

Lulu is an independent young girl who lives with her parents in the suburbs. Lulu wants something, so she asks her parents .Lulu’s parents could not afford what Lulu asked for. Lulu decides to walk dogs to get money, but a boy named Flechman gets in the way. Lulu had a hard time with the dogs. Will Lulu raise enough money for what she wanted?

My favorite part of “Lulu Walks the Dogs ‘’ is when Lulu walks the dogs. This is my favorite part because I love dogs. Lulu reminds me of Junnie B. Jones. I think this because they both have a sense of humor. I also think this because they both have tantrums. I like the illustrations in this book. I think this because the pictures explain the story to me, so I can get what the story talks about. I like this book also because it is interesting, and it has a lot of details when it talks about the dogs.

I recommend this book because it has humor. I laughed at the part where Lulu was yelling at Flechman. I recommend this to 8 year olds. I think this because I enjoyed this book and I am eight. If I like it you should too. The author knows how to write for kids!