1 Mirette on the High Wire

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Mirette on the High Wire

Written by Emily McCully

Reviewed by Caitlin M. (age 8)

Mirette on the High Wire

In the story Mirette on the High Wire, Mirette wants to learn how to walk on the high wire because she sees a guy named Bellini on a high wire. Bellini always refuses to let her on. Find out if Mirette gets her hands on the high wire by reading Mirette on the High Wire.

I like this book because the book is trying to teach a very important lesson in life witch is if someone tells you can’t do it, well that’s not true. In the story the illustrations are amazing and if you read it you will be amazed too. I also like the book because it sends message that girls can do anything too!

I would recommend this book to 1st graders and up because it is not that hard to read. I would also recommend this book to kids who like picture books because it is an illustrated mystery if Mirette will gets on the high wire. If you read Mirette on the High Wire, I think you will really like it too.