1 No Flying in the House

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No Flying in the House

Written by Betty Brock

Illustrated by Wallace Tripp

Reviewed by Lila C. (age 9)

No Flying in the House

One day, Mrs.Vancourt was walking on the beach. Soon she found a dog three inches tall and wide. “Hi. My name is Gloria, and I’m looking for a home,” said the dog. “You can speak?” asked Mrs.Vancourt. “Yes.” Mrs. Vancourt took Gloria home. Soon, a girl named Annabel came in the house. Because Gloria had 367 tricks, she did it. Annabel and Mrs.Vancourt were amazed. Soon they had breakfast. After a long day of fun, they went to bed. At midnight, Annabelle went downstairs. The door blew open. Annabel closed it. When she turned around, the door of a cabinet was open. There was golden toys in it. Annabel was not allowed to touch them, but she did and broke one. “I thought you weren’t allowed to touch them,”said a voice. Annabel spun around. There was a golden cat! It taught her to fly. Read the rest of the book to see what she does with her flying powers!

I like the book because at the end of the book, her family comes back. I also like it because Gloria does 367 tricks. I would do anything to have Gloria as a friend. I also like it because Annabel learns to fly. I’ve always wanted to fly.

I would recommend this book to grades three and up because there’s hard words in this book. I would also recommend this book to third grade teachers because they can read it to them. I lastly recommend this book to parents because they can get stuck in the book because the book is really good!