1 Why Should I Recycle?

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Why Should I Recycle?

Written by Jen Green

Illustrated by Mike Gordon

Reviewed by Om F. (age 6)

Why Should I Recycle?

The Jones family likes to recycle the garbage. Before they started recycling, they used to throw everything away! One day they saw a teacher holding a special box full of items that could be recycled. Their teacher talked about recycling in class and took them to a recycling center. When the Jones kids got home, they talked to their parents about recycling. New they recycle almost everything and throw hardly anything away.

My favorite part is when Mr. Jones taught his class about recycling because that is a great thing to learn about. My favorite character is Mr.Jones because he is knowledgeable about recycling. This story relates to my life because I recycle cans and bottles. The pictures helped me by showing what the people were doing.

I think you should read this story because it helps the Earth for many reason. It is helpful, respectful, and clean.